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Polygraph : Data Storage

   Computerized polygraph results can be stored on disk and saved for later review. As a result, access to stored information is immediate. Sometimes algorithms are used to further assist in examination results.

   Our office requires the expert's personal evaluation of the examinee's physiological data in order to arrive at an opinion regarding truthfulness or deception. Relying solely upon the algorithm's conclusion makes for an incomplete assessment. Polygraphists at Poly-Tech employ the more time consuming and complete method of chart interpretation. This has proven to be the most valid method for proper evaluation of truthfulness, as well as deception.

   Computer assisted evaluation is not possible with analog polygraph results, forcing the polygraphist to make decisions subjectively. The same type of analysis can be done with the use of the computerized polygraph, should the polygraphist so choose. Mr. Evans, his staff and other top experts believe that computer evaluation is no substitute for personal interpretation of polygraph charts. So when computerized instruments at Poly-Tech are used we still individually and personally analyze every chart.

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