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William D. Evans, II Forensic Polygraph Examiner, JD, MS, A.C.P


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Poly-Tech Associates, Inc.
Truth & Law Center
1185 South Main Street
Akron, OH 44301
P: 330.434.2344

4403 St Clair Ave
Cleveland, OH 44103
P: 216.241.4661

250 East Broad St.
Suite 200
Columbus, OH 43215

William D. Evans, II

   With business offices in Akron and Cleveland, Mr. Evans offers expertise as a certified polygraphist, educator and attorney. He founded Poly-Tech in 1977 to provide forensic polygraph services to defense or prosecuting attorneys, and corporate consulting services in loss prevention and applicant screening.

   Evans earned his Bachelor, Master, and law degrees from the University of Akron. In 1992 He earned his law degree graduating with distinction. As a polygraphist he is certified by the National Training Center of Polygraph Science. He was the first in the country to combine both polygraph and ocular

lie-detection, per Converus/EyeDetect.


   Additional computerized polygraph training was obtained from the Department of Defense Polygraph Institute. The US Department of Justice provided Evans with basic and advanced training in narcotics and dangerous drugs. The Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy provided his basic law enforcement training as a law enforcement officer and detective. He officially left law enforcement for a corporate career in 1979.

Evans' career spans four decades with case work heavily concentrated in criminal defense, prosecutorial and law enforcement investigative examinations. Through his work and education, he has gained a comprehensive understanding of all phases of polygraph, law enforcement, and investigation. Evans frequently serves as an expert witness relating to polygraph, and has to testified as an expert in the area of security, loss prevention and non-verbal communication/statement analysis. His testimony has been introduced in federal, state and Local courts.

   In addition to owning and managing Poly-Tech, Evans has served as a part-time member of the faculty at the University of Akron, teaching in the Department of Criminal Justice. An accomplished speaker and author, Evans has appeared before numerous legal, business, academic and community organizations from the local to national level. In 2007, Evans spoke in Dresden, Germany at the request of the US Army Trial Defense Services in Europe.

   Before forming Poly-Tech, Evans began his career in law enforcement as a detective and polygraphist investigating misdemeanor and felony crimes. He later served as director of corporate security and loss prevention for a large corporation.

Mr. Evans is affiliated with many professional organizations, some of which follow:

   • The Academy of Certified Polygraphists
   • Akron Law Review, past Managing Editor, University of Akron
   • Akron Bar Association
   • The American Academy of Forensic Sciences
   • The American Polygraph Association
   • The American Association of Police Polygraphists
   • The American Society for Industrial Security
   • The American Bar Association
   • Blue Coats, Inc.
   • Cuyahoga County Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
   • Leadership Akron
   • The National Polygraph Association
   • Ohio Association of Polygraph Examiners
   • The Ohio Bar Association
   • Ohio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
   • National Museum of Education, Inc. - Non Profit/Board Member
   • Who's Who in Professional Security

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